Call of Cthulhu LCG - Seekers of Knowledge: Ipiutak Card

A year ago I started working for Fantasy Flight Games. NDA's are getting lifted (which prevented me showing the work done), and I though it would be interesting to show the process behind these images. Let's start with my first card; Ipiutak, done for Call of Cthulhu - Seekers of Knowledge expansion.

As always, I start thumbnailing with pencil on paper. It allows me to quickly get my thoughts and ideas on paper. During this stage, I prefer working traditionally more then working digitally. When I have the feeling that I poured everything out of my head on paper, I mark the ones I like -put a darker border around them, and scan them all in.


As I said, thumbnailing for me is all about getting ideas down very fast. I put the ones I like the most in Photoshop and save them separately, e.g; sketch1_A, sketch2_A, sketch3_A,... The letters allow me to keep everything organized and easily save a newer, B version. 

When those are saved, it's time to tweak your scanned thumbnails with Levels -CTRL+L and put the blending mode of the layer on Multiply -as you will notice, multiply gets rid of the white. I put a new layer bellow the linedrawing and start with a rough under drawing. It's all about getting the right values and colors down -check you values with a layer filled with black, put it on top of your layer stack and put the blending mode on Color. Soon I lower the oppacity of my linedrawing and add new layers on top to work on the image more. You will notice when you compare the top right thumbnail and sketch 1 with each other that I don't always stick with my thumbnail.

I always deliver three options to my AD:

 My AD went for sketch 1 and because the sketch was fairly worked out already, finalizing this illustration was a matter of adding more detail and cleaning up.

I had, and still have, a lot of fun working on this and other card illustrations. It's always fun to see your own work in real life - the free copy you get isn't bad either ;-).

I hope this got article got you a little bit closer to realizing your dreams!
Have fun,

My next article will feature my work done for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's newest expansion, The Enemy Within (WHF20) and will have a closer look at my illustration. In the meanwhile, you can find it on Facebook.