Space habitat!

Working for a challenge in the kitchen:

Going to work this interior out:


  1. pretty small updates...
    When are you gonna do like a 'masterpiece'? Something you work on for several days/weeks! Till it's perfect.

    How's the work coming along? If you haven't heard yet, I'm on the jobhunt as well :)

    But what I actually wanted to ask you was if your gonna participate in the Dominance War?

    Greets - Graf

  2. Hi :)!

    I have so much things to improve on so don't expect big masterpieces. I'm also doing some work for some clients so work is coming along ;).

    About DW, I'm thinking about it but I'm not sure yet.

    Good luck and thanks ;)!

  3. You know sometimes you have a specific thing you want to paint but you forget about it for a long long time? Yeah that first painting is the jist of it haha. I want to do one where I block of many levels of depth and slowly detail them more and more as I get to the foreground.
    Sometimes I wish everything was in fog, its so awesome! Looking forward to see what you do with it.
    Also that second one is great! One thing I noticed is the water looks like its very close, is it suppose to be far away? I feel like the cause of it is that sketchy grey line on the edge of the rail between the water and the rail.

  4. oh dude, that kitchen environment looks epic! keep us updated on the progress man!




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